Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together


At Stanton, we pride ourselves on a broad and varied curriculum for Science that is led by investigations and experiments.  Teachers plan sequences of lessons that allow children to develop a deep understand of concepts, such as light, forces, the natural world and electricity, linking this to our class topics for that term.  Within this, we include opportunities for children to investigate their own questions, helping them to design and carry out experiments of their own to test their theories.  By investigating Science in this way, learning is memorable, meaningful and engaging.

Whilst we follow the National Curriculum for Science, we also try to investigate areas of Science linked to our pupil's interests and ideas.  If a child has a question about the natural world or a personal interest, we aim to give them time to pursue this to deepen their understanding.

Pupils at Stanton are encouraged to work scientifically and systematically, recording their findings and evaluating their experiments.  Science very much is a cross-curricula topic, incorporating Maths (recording results in tables and graphs), English (writing reports) and sometimes D&T (creating erupting volcanoes!)  Wherever possible, we enrich our learning by using our fantastic school grounds and local woods.