Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together


From the outset it is important that children see themselves as writers and understand it is a way of communicating. As with reading, the development of writing skills is supported through the teaching of synthetic phonics but is also closely linked to speaking and listening. 

Talk forms the basis for writing and gives children the chance to practise phrases and sentences orally before making marks on paper.  Children develop these skills through ‘story making’ techniques, using actions to support the learning and appropriate use of language.  These techniques also support writing in non-fiction genres.

As the children move through the school they are taught to write in a range of styles, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and for different purposes and audiences. 

We aim to develop creative flair but also accuracy in their recording.  Punctuation, spelling and grammar are taught as essential parts of writing and children in key stage 2 also learn to develop and improve their writing through drafting.