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Times Tables

Why do children need to learn times tables?

There are two overwhelming reasons why we at Stanton prioritise the learning their times tables 

1. Times tables are fundamental to many maths topics

Fractions is the most obvious area where learning times tables well is essential. However, every multiplicationdivisionlong multiplication method and short division and long division method require speed and instant recall of times tables . At secondary school the needs become even greater.

Times tables are central to KS2 Maths and need to be embedded by Year 4 in order for pupils to practice and cement this skill. Otherwise, pupils will struggle as they move up Key Stage 2 and beyond.

2. Freeing up working memory allows pupils to develop their reasoning skills

There are certain mental maths facts and operations children need to be able to carry out quickly and with a degree of automaticity in order to free up their working memory for newer, more challenging tasks at hand.

If we can ensure the transition of times tables facts to children’s long term memory and times tables can become an instantly recallable fact the working memory can be freed up for reasoning.

How we teach Times Tables

We use a systematic approach to explicitly teach times tables, ensuring sufficient opportunities for practice and recall.

We explore patterns and structures and allowing children to represent and manipulate multiplication facts.

Regular ‘retrieval practice’, including one or more of the following: games, counting-stick work, step counting using manipulatives, chanting and technology-based, quick-reaction exercises.

Multiplication Times Table Check Guide for Parents

We have a subscription to TT Rockstars for children to use at home to practise.  Please see your child's class teacher for details /and watch this video to find out how it works.

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