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  • Invaders & Settlers Workshop

    Published 17/01/23

    Rhine Class visited Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, to take part in an ‘Invaders & Settlers’ day in order to enrich their learning in History.

    They examined artefacts and evidence to discover what life was like in Anglo Saxon times. This included dressing up and handling some rather large and heavy weapons.

    One of the highlights was visiting the new Anglo Saxon gallery. This gallery tells the story of King Alfred and his fight-back against Viking Invaders at the decisive Battle of Edington. It also features gold and garnet jewellery that belonged to a Saxon Abbess,who lived at the time when Christianity was brought to Wiltshire, and one of the first English shillings made of gold.

    After lunch, the children designed and made their own gold brooch and were able to explore the rest of the museum.

    A super day had by all!


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  • Celebrating World Religions Day

    Published 16/01/23

    We took part in a whole day of activities to deepen our knowledge and understanding of other religions.

    This included learning how to tie a Sikh turban, creating a nature mandala, making a Jewish dreidl and a bracelet similar to ones that Hindus give each other during the festival of Rahki to show others that you will look after them, as well as learning about baptism through godly play.

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  • Living Rainforest Experience

    Published 22/11/22

    Today Rhine Class headed off to the living rainforest for an engaging & immersive experience. There was lots to see and discover including ‘Tiny’ the tarantula. However,  the favourite has to be Cinnamon the sloth.

    We learnt about how plants and animals have adapted to suit living in a rainforest environment and the different layers of the rainforest. It was amazing to see how leaves to get rid of excess water and how various animals are suited to life in the rainforest.



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  • The Explorer Journals

    Published 15/11/22

    We have just finished reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, so today they created a reading journal. It included a summary, information on the author and their personal comments. I think it is safe to say they really enjoyed this adventure story and produced some superb journals.

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  • South America

    Published 21/10/22

    In geography we have been studying South America. We have learnt the names & locations of the 12 countries,identified physical and human features and compared to the UK. We learnt that lots of the world’s longest, tallest and biggest features are in South America.

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  • Mental Health First Aid Kits

    Published 10/10/22

    In PSHE we have been looking at ways to look after our mental health.  Everyone then made their own 'mental health' first aid kit with things that make them happy. 

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