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  • First Aid Training

    Published 10/05/22

    Rhine Class successfully completed a First Aid Course where they learned invaluable life-skills to help keep themselves and others safe in a medical emergency.

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  • Healthy Choices

    Published 03/05/22

    As part of our PSHE curriculum, we had a visit from Dr. Brown who came to speak to the older pupils about medicines and drugs. 

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  • Celebrating Earth Day 🌎

    Published 24/04/22

    As part of our learning and topic on protecting the planet, we used drama to explore some themes from Earth Day 22 including how we can invest in our planet.

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  • Trip to the Hawk Conservancy Trust

    Published 08/03/22

    Rhine Class ‘flew off’ to the Hawk Conservancy Trust as part of their learning on ‘Flight’. They were treated to a thrilling World Birds of Prey flying display, with a fun but informative commentary explaining what the birds were doing and why. Being able to see the birds swoop down close to your head was a thoroughly engaging and memorable experience.

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  • Pancake Day & Maths

    Published 01/03/22

    Happy Pancake Day 🥞

    There’s no better way to learn about circles than with pancakes.

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  • Tomb Raiders

    Published 19/02/22

    As a finale to their topic on ‘Tomb Raiders’, Rhine class travelled to Egypt and the great pyramids. They ransacked the tombs to find remains of an artefact that was of found in King Tutankhamen's burial chamber. They helped us to understand how sources of evidence can help us learn more about the past.

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