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New News Story

Following our recent Ofsted Inspection we are very pleased to be able to share the school's outcome - Stanton continues to be a Good School and that our safeguarding is effective.

This is a fantastic achievement in the context of the changes to the inspection process. Whilst the judgement remains the same as September 14, the framework and goalposts have moved significantly and we have shown that we have kept up with this rate of progress.


Attached with this letter is a copy of our Ofsted letter, following our short inspection on 22nd May 2018. Thank you for your support around the time of the inspection, for completing Parent View and Pupil Surveys, for taking time to talk to the inspector on the day and for your kind words of encouragement.


I feel the inspector has accurately summarised where we are as a school, there were no surprise findings on the day.  He acknowledged that there has been a high turnover of staff, but recognised that the ‘leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. ’ and the school is resolute and determined that pupils continue to receive a good standard of education.

I am very proud of all our children at Stanton.  Their attitudes to learning and their behaviours reflect a determination to do well on all levels.  We must never forget that as a school, we nurture  and help to ‘grow’ young people. They inevitably will explore and challenge their own thinking, and on this journey they will make mistakes. Being able to learn from these mistakes in a safe learning environment is part of our ethos and  I am very pleased that the inspector has recognised this in his letter.  ‘Pupils’ behaviour is good in and around school. They are caring, courteous and polite to each other and other adults…. Pupils are keen to learn and say they enjoy learning.’


The inspector has identified two clear next steps for us to focus on:


Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • Improvements in the teaching of phonics continue so that more pupils achieve the national expectation by the end of Year 1
  • Teachers in the early years challenge the more able to achieve well in mathematics


    We have already begun reflecting on the Ofsted process with the teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and Governors. This will feed into the school’s improvement plan now and in the coming year and I look forward to sharing these with you.


    As a school we don’t work towards an Ofsted inspection, we work to meet the needs of our children. But I am so pleased that the inspector has recognised what I already knew, Stanton is a good school’. It has a caring and committed staff, hardworking governors, fantastic children and a supportive community.