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Discovering Together

Thank you to Emily from the Dogs Trust

This week Emily Brown, the South West Education and Community Officer for the Dogs Trust visted Stanton School. She spent time in each class exploring Dog Safety, Senses, Evolution and Adaptation and we had a fantastic assembly on what to do if you meet a new dog in the street or at someones house.

Thank you Dogs Trust! And what a cool car!!!!

Here are Darling Classes tips on how to keep ourselves and dogs safe when we meet a dog for the first time.

  1. Ask the owner if you can stroke their dog.
  2. Hold your hand out for the dog to sniff your hand. Make sure your fingers are tooked in when you do this.
  3. Ask the owner if there is a special place where their dog likes to be stroked.

If you are in the park and a dog runs up to you. Don't run away they will think it is a game.

  1. Stand still
  2. Cross your hands on your chest ( Emily called this the Dogs Trust X Factor)
  3. Look up to the sky and try not to make eye contact with the dog.