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Contacting the School Governing body.

From time to time, you may wish to make contact with the school governing body.

Some excellent reasons for contacting us include, but are not limited to:

  • You would like a topic brought up for strategic consideration at the meeting of full governors that could improve outcomes for the children

  • You are full of energy and enthusiasm and are interested in joining the school governors or would like to nominate a suitable person to become a school governor.

  • You have a great new idea for how the school can make (or save) a lot of money

Full Governing Body Meetings 2023/24:

21st September 2023 
23rd November 2023 
25th January 2024 
21st March 2024 
13th June 2024 
11th July 2024

The primary way to contact the governing body is via the Clerk to Governors, Michelle Hocking: Michelle can ensure your enquiry is dealt with by the correct person or group of people.

If the matter is of a confidential nature, you can also contact the Chair of Governors (Edward Shire) directly by email to:

If your reason for contacting the governors are of a more personal nature regarding your own child, please, in the first instance, contact your class teacher or the head teacher. School governors do not get involved with issues regarding individual children unless specific circumstances arise. This is usually when a complaint is made against the school and that is covered by a separate policy available in the policy section  here.