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Service Children Pupil Premium

PPG Spend 18-19

Purpose of the Service Child Pupil Premium Grant:

‘The additional funding aims to enable schools to provide the extra support needed to mitigate the effects of frequent changes of the school and the effects of separation from a serving parent deployed on operations.’

Information taken from MoD website  January 2011

This support for our service children within the school can vary from child to child. There is no one fixed model as to what it looks like in each class, however the underlying ethos is that the extra support mitigates the impact of frequent changes on all children.  Fostering the skills of resilience, openness, adaptability, in particular the way new children settled into a new school/ class quickly and effectively are key to a child’s all round development.

The use of TAs in the classroom and intervention programmes may be seen to benefit both civilian and service children within a class.

Each class receives class teaching assistant support every morning. During which time children both civilian and military are supported to meet their individual needs.

Such support can be demonstrated through interventions such as

  • Learning Support – small group daily phonics,  bespoke small group and 1:1 support targeted towards Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Emotional Support – Time2Talk,  Qualified ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant to run and support the running of programmes that meet the specific needs of children.

In addition, the school runs an extra-curricular club – PanthA, specifically tailored for our service children. Service Pupil Premium is also used to facilitate whole school events, which celebrates the military influence within our school.

In Financial Year 2018-19, the school’s allocation on Service Pupil Premium is £8549. This total amount has been broken down into the following areas:

ELSA trained Support

Contribution  £1980

PanthA Club

Contribution £1,174

Time 2 Talk

Contribution £825

Whole School Events including transport

Contribution £575

Teaching and Learning resources to support interventions

Contribution £3,995