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Experimenting with reversible and irreversible reactions

Last week we carried out several experiments to prove our predictions of reversible or irreversible changes.

Last week in science we were testing reversible and irreversible reactions. We were split in to different groups:

- Chocolate group (they melted the chocolate to test if it could be changed from a solid to a liquid and then back to a solid again).

- A toast group (they tested if bread could be made into toast and then back to bread again. They scraped off the top of the toast and soaked it!).

- The flour and hundreds and thousands group (they mixed these together and tried to separate them again).

- A salt and water and sugar and water group (they got some salt and water and poured the salt into the water. They dissolved the salt and put it on the cooker to make salt crystals. They evaporated the water).

- Coffee group (they dissolved the coffee in some water and they tried scooping out the mixed coffee to get it back into instant coffee- a solid).


This afternoon we have created a mind map on the computer to show our results and record our observations.

Written by Susannah 


We evaporated our salt and water solution and were left with salt crystals. We then talked about how the water had turned from a liquid to a gas when it evaporated.We had lots of fun!