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Punctuation Power!

This week our punctuation focus has been on punctuating direct speech correctly.

We have enjoyed an active English lesson this week, thinking about how we punctuate direct speech correctly. Where do those speech marks, commas and full stops really go?!

Year 4 have extended their learning by exploring split speech and converting reported speech to direct speech. We have enjoyed thinking about what the characters in Medusa may be saying through the use of freeze frames and writing dialogue for different pictures. 

The children are now beginning to think about making up their own myths ready for writing next week.

Tomorrow we shall be working in groups to role play a made up myth using prompt cards to spark our ideas.

How to help at home: talk to children about the characters (hero and a beast) they may include in their own myth, where it will be set and the quest their character may go on. This opportunity to verbalise their plans will really help their writing next week.