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  • Victorian Toys and Food

    Published 17/05/22

    Over the last couple of weeks, Amazon Class have been exploring aspects of a day in the life of a Victorian child in a hands on and creative way.

    We compared the different toys that Victorian children played with to the toys we play with today, followed by making some Victorian toys- marbles and peg dolls.

    Today we learnt about the diet of Victorian people and the different foods they ate. Nobody fancied the idea of eating fish head soup or gruel! We then read the story of ‘Daisy Saves the Day’ and worked as a team to follow a recipe from the story to make Victorian scones.

    We look forward to bringing these home tomorrow and hope that you enjoy them. Scones best served with butter and a little jam!

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  • A Day in the Life of a Victorian School Child

    Published 17/05/22

    Amazon Class went back in time to the Victorian period and had the most fantastic, immersive experience at Sevington Victorian School.

    We enjoyed a whole day of Victorian school life, taking part in the different activities boys and girls would have experienced- as well as learning about some of the more unpleasant aspects of being a Victorian school child.

    The children were very relieved that the dunce hat and cane no longer play a part in school today!

    A fantastic way to bring history to life and inspire our writing next week.

    Find a video reel of our photographs here: 

    Individual photos uploaded as files below.

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  • 100 Miles in March for WWF!

    Published 11/04/22

    Please join me in saying a HUGE well done to Amazon Class for completing their 100 Miles in March challenge for WWF! The children have shown enthusiasm and dedication to reach their target throughout March, running around our school field in rain, sun and even snow. Chanting, “We’re doing it for the animals!” whilst running, has really helped us along.

    Thank you for your donations on Facebook and through ParentPay, so far raising over £200!

    I am so proud of each and every one of the children and shall present their certificates after the Easter break.

    Mrs Anderson 🐼

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  • African Rain Sticks

    Published 11/04/22

    This week, Amazon Class made rainsticks decorated with aboriginal patterns, as part of our story focus; Lila and the Secret of Rain 🌧

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  • Fairtrade Brownies

    Published 05/04/22

    Yesterday, Amazon Class learnt about what Fairtrade means and why it is so important for farmers across the world to receive a fair price for what they grow and produce. We also learnt about how chocolate is grown and harvested in Ghana.

    The children showed great empathy for the farmers who produce what we eat, wear and use and explored different packets of food to find the Fairtrade logo. We then used these ingredients to make Fairtrade brownies to sell at our cake sale today.

    Everyone who tasted our brownies reported that they tasted "delicious" and all the more delicious for being Fairtrade!


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  • African Artwork

    Published 31/03/22

    During Term 4, Amazon Class have been exploring African Art. We started by looking at the magnificent painting of South African artist, Esther Mahlangu, who creates bold, symmetrical artwork using repeated patterns. We then created artwork in the style of this artist.

    We have also enjoyed making Batik bunting to decorate our corridor, observing the bright colours commonly seen on fabrics in Africa.

    Finally, we explored the Maasai Tribe and their way of life in comparison to our own and created collar jewellery in the style of the tribe.


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