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Welcome to Forest School pages. We hope you enjoy looking and reading about our Forest School experiences. 

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  • Teamwork

    Published 19/03/23

    We had an exhilarating time in the woods today, with a focus on collaboration, knots and fun!

    The children were split into four teams and went away to think of a Team Name and create a picture to represent their team outside their den...

    We had Team Snake...

    Team Pro...

    Team Wild 

    And Team Badger


    Then it was time to work on tactics and play Capture the Flag!




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  • Early years enjoy sticks and mud

    Published 01/03/23

    There is a lot to be said for the simple things in life.

    We collected our own special stick and joined in with the wonderful story 'Stick' by Irene Dickson, then we let our imaginations run wild...




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  • Forest School Fun

    Published 06/02/23

    Making the most of the gorgeous weather we spent a wonderful afternoon in the small woods.

    Here is a little of what we got up to...







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  • Snowy Owls

    Published 09/01/23

    After sharing the story Little Owl's Egg by Debi Gilori, we wanted to make our own owl to care for and look after.

    We found pine cones in the small woods and then used cotton wool to create our very own snowy owl. So cute!






    and we couldn't resist a little bit of mud too!





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  • Woodland Tent survival

    Published 09/01/23

    This week, we had great fun creating woodland tents, building a lattice of wood either side a main branch...





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  • Winter Wonderland

    Published 14/12/22

    We have had a lot of enjoyment visiting the woods in the snow today.

    Some children worked together to create amazing Swedish snow lanterns; made by placing and stacking snowballs into a mound and putting a light inside. These sculptures channel children's energy and focus and look beautiful lit up in the dark. Here are a few pictures from our day...






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