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Welcome to Forest School pages. We hope you enjoy looking and reading about our Forest School experiences. 

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  • Years 3 and 4 Forest School

    Published 29/11/23

    This term, it has been wonderful to spend time with Years 3 and 4, in Forest School. Inspired by the class topic of World War 2, we have played team building games, including Forest Fire, which requires agility and communication, Creeping soldiers where listening and stealth are key and Feed your Troops requiring good vision, excellent teamwork and learning basic knot tying skills.

    The children have had the opportunity to make bow and arrows, using a saw to cut their arrows to size and a knife to make indents into the bow to hold the string...


    We have learned how to use a compass while navigating our way through a treasure hunt...


    Whittled sticks to hold the all-important marshmallows for toasting on an open fire...


    And of course, the children have had time to play, explore and just be...




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  • Rescue Missions

    Published 21/11/23

    This term, Darling Class have been learning about superheroes we know, including doctors and nurses, vets, firefighters and the police.

    In Forest School this week, some of the children chose to be superheroes themselves and carry out rescue missions to help the animals that had ventured too high up in the trees and couldn't get down!




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  • Hapa Zome

    Published 18/10/23

    This week Darling Class used mallets to try their hand at the ancient Japanese Art of Hape Zome - leaf bashing.

    The children were amazed at the colours and detail of the leaves that they created.




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  • Worms are superheroes!

    Published 09/10/23

    Worms are superheroes! During our Forest Sessions this term, Darling Class have been very excited to uncover wriggly and wiggly worms beneath the soil. So, today we shared the story Superworm and created a wormery to house these very special superheroes.








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  • Fun at Forest School

    Published 13/09/23

    A lovely afternoon in Forest school

    Reception and Year 1 spent a sunny afternoon in Forest school today. We had fun playing Sleeping Bear and learning a bit about the deep sleep that bears are able to enter into; going for months without food or water which we could never do! Then we had time to explore the areas and choose our own activities, which included trying out some of the new den building equipment, climbing, digging, cooking in the mud kitchen and a spot of bug hunting.




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  • Predator Tracks Prey

    Published 08/06/23

    Yesterday we spent a wonderful afternoon in Stanton woods bringing nature to life in our Predator tracks prey game with our buddies.


    Discovering how to follow a trail, predators tried to track down their prey without being spotted. This activity had everyone strategising as we thought about where best to hide while also remaining vigilant and then thinking about how to track stealthily and silently.



    A fantastic opportunity to develop strategic thinking, focus, using the senses, teamwork, communication, being active, predator-prey relationship, connection with nature, role play.


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