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Summer Term begins...

We are very excited to welcome everyone back after the Easter holidays and have had a wonderful first week.

Mrs Breen, Miss Rimmer and Mrs Major

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  • Green Fingers

    Published 16/06/21

    This term we have been growing our own vegetables and are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

    We planted potatoes in the tyres - these aren't quite ready yet, but we are doing a great job looking after them...

    We also planted carrots, chard, different varieties of lettuce and onions.


    We have watered them each day that it hasn't rained, and we put lemon and lime slices on the soil to stop the slugs and snails nibbling them all.

    This week we picked some lettuces that were ready and even enjoyed them with our lunch!


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  • Darling Class, the Giant and the Beanstalk

    Published 21/05/21

    A most peculiar thing happened to us in Darling Class this week...

    While telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, six beans were thrown behind the teacher, but only five were found again by the children. Where this last bean went, we do not know...

    But, the very next day, a beanstalk had grown in our classroom, with a message attached!

    Well, the message was all jumbled up, but we were clever and used our phonics and our sight words to put the words into the correct order to read the message.

    It was from THE GIANT!

    He didn't have very good manners, so we wrote messages back to him, showing how to be polite, and do you know what...?

    He wrote a much nicer message the very next day and even gave us some magic beans of our own.

    We had to say thank you for that!

    And who knows what will happen to our beans.....?

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  • Douglas says 'Hello'

    Published 11/05/21

    This week, all the children who will be in our Reception 2021 intake received a postcard, through the post, from a very special person - Douglas!

    Douglas is Darling Class' very own giraffe, and he wanted to say a very big welcome to these children who will be starting their very special school journey with us in September.

    Here are some of the children with their postcard...





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  • Superheroes to the rescue

    Published 29/04/21

    Our superheroes theme has continued, and we began the week with a very special 'Superheroes dress up day'.

    These superheroes had a fabulous day, building "A boat that can also go on the road"...


    Saving batman from sinking sand...

    Flying over buildings to rescue people ...

    Keeping a bonfire under control ...

    And finally, learning all about real-life Superheroes, the firefighters, and what we need to do to stay safe or if there is a fire...

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  • Superheroes to the rescue

    Published 22/04/21

    Before the Easter holidays, the children decided that they would like to start the term with a Superheroes topic.

    We began by turning our outside area into a Superheroes Headquarters.

    It needed a training area so the Superheroes stay fit and strong...





     a Superhero worthy vehicle

    and the all important message centre, with secret areas for writing messages to the superheroes...



    and a place to hide!  


    Then it was time to become superheroes ourselves as we set out on a mission to rescue some lost animals in the woods.

    We split up into two teams and began by sending out scouts to look for the animals and report back to the team.

    After locating the lost animals we set about creating a map for the other team to use in their rescue.

    Thankfully the rescue missions were successful! Great job Darling Class!

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  • The Great Easter Egg Hunt

    Published 01/04/21

    This week we have been getting very excited about Easter and with an Easter Egg hunt planned for the end of the week, we wanted to make it extra fun and special for our Buddies in Rhine Class too.

    We made each of our buddies an Easter card...


    But these were no ordinary Easter cards!!!

    Inside there was a map and a clue...



    Then we waited in great anticipation as our buddies began the Great Easter Egg Hunt...

    And then it was our turn...


    A brilliant end to an eggscellent term!

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