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What animal class are you?

Today at the woods, we focused on Science and identifying different animal classes.

We have done lots of learning last term about habitats, food chains and ecosystems, so this term, we are focusing on animal classes and they adaptations to these classes.

Mrs Todd gave us each an animal to become.  We pretended to be that animal, then had to find similar animals in our 'class' to make a group with.

We found it easy to identify mammals and birds, but we got a bit stuck with fish.  Why is a whale not a fish?  Why is a seahorse a fish?  Eventually, we figured out that whales breathe air and don't lay eggs, so they must be mammals!


Amphibians and reptiles were also tricky to identify.  How come a lizard isn't in the same class as a newt?  Where do tortoises fit in?  After some super problem solving, we identified that amphibians spend a lot of time in the water and have a tadpole phase, whereas reptiles are cold blooded and lay eggs.

After this, we had a lovely circle time reading The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy.  Then we had some free play time, where we explored the beautiful bluebells that had popped up everywhere, built dens as a team and shared our excellent log seesaw!


We even found some white bluebells that lacked the blue pigment!







On the way home, we had a lovely time chatting to the young bulls in the field, who were very interested in us!  Another fab trip to the woods!




Next week we will explore PSHE and RE in the woods.

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