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How ecosystems work

This week at the woods, we thought about habitats and ecosystems.

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about living things and habitats.  This week at the woods, we investigated how habitats and living things create an ecosystem - everything working together in balance and harmony!  We pretended to be different living things in their habitats, for example, rabbits on the woodland floor...

Trees growing in mud...








Birds on the ground...







and King Alfred cakes (fungi) growing on logs.






Then we had to go and find our 'food' (children).  We realised that there was only one 'worm' for the 'birds' to eat and how this would be a problem in a real habitat as there would be no food for the birds.  We talked about how overfishing affects larger predators and learnt a new term; food chains.

It was lots of fun and over the next few weeks, we will investigate food chains more!

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