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KS2 Word of the Week 18.5.20 (Rhine)

Week 5 of our vocabulary mission.


Congratulations to last week's KS2 winning sentences written by Mya and Maggie. Look out for your prizes in the post :)

I hope you enjoyed last week's word of the week audio clip and have been trying your best to use last week's word in lots of different ways to impress those around you with your growing vocabulary. 

This week is an audio clip for you to listen to (at the bottom of this blog) and is slightly different to previous weeks! This audio clip works best on a laptop or desktop computer. If you have difficulties opening on an iPad, please try a laptop or desktop if possible. Try opening in a new browser if you are having difficulties.  This week I have also included the audio script as an attachment below if you struggle to access the audio. Once you have taken part in the clip, see your challenges below. 

Here are the resources you will need to see whilst listening to the audio:

Karl the apprentice nodded his thanks and went to sit by himself in the corner. His expression was dark and gloomy.

Different Challenges for this week

Challenge 1:  Your challenge this week is to find other words that have the same meaning as dark and gloomy. From the words that you find, choose your favourite word or words and write them in a sentence on the class blog to describe a character. You could use the character, Karl from Clockwork to write your sentence about, or it could be any other person or character.

A winning sentence shall be chosen at the end of the week. Good luck!

Challenge 2:  Whilst listening to the passage from ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman, did you note down any words that maybe you haven’t heard before or liked the sound of?

If you did, I’d like you to find out about this word. What does it mean? Why did the author choose this word? Can you use it in a sentence too? When you have done this, write a comment on the blog to tell everyone the word you chose and what you found out. You could use this template to post your comment:

Word I chose:

What is means:

In a sentence:


Happy word learning!

Mrs Anderson 

  • Niah 4 years ago
    As Baby bear traipsed into the living room, face glum and morose, Goldilocks sidled under the comforting covers of the young bear’s bed, full after eating his porridge. Meanwhile, after Baby bear told his parents what had happened,Daddy bear’s face turned a forbidding red whilst his eyes glowered darkly at the poor bear’s room ready to find their intruder and have their guts for garters! My synonym for gloomy is in the first sentence whilst my synonym for dark is in the second.
  • Jamie k 4 years ago
    It was dusky that day as the light footed criminal robbed the bank. The police came as fast as they could, but the they had just missed the criminal. The bad guy (criminal) ran into the shadowy alley. It was another lucky day for the masked man!
  • Rowan 4 years ago
    As the man silently entered the bar, he made for the shadowy corner that was full of cobwebs and dust. His expression was overcast, as if to say: “Everyone get out of my way, I’m dangerous!!"
  • Flora 4 years ago
    A shadowy and crepuscular figure sat ominously in the moonlight. I was petrified to the core...
  • Joseph 4 years ago
    In the funereal, shadowy tunnel was a monstrosity of a creature as extensive as a double-decker bus. Michael was terrified and turned to run but something reached out their indistinct arm and grabbed him.... My synonym for gloomy is funereal. My synonyms for dark is shadowy and indistinct.
  • Freya 4 years ago
    Persephone’s stygian (gloomy) expression, masked her tenebrous (dark) deed, though Maria’s indistinct (dark) and crepuscular (gloomy) face repulsed all who dared plan against her. Persephone has always resented Maria -happy or not- she knows Maria wants to kick her out. Persephone is attempting the same.......
  • Aamori 4 years ago
    Word I chose: Sauerkraut What it means: Sauerkraut is a German dish of chopped pickled cabbage The word in a sentence: At the fair I ordered a jumbo sized hotdog, it was served with sauerkraut which added an unusual tang to the flavour

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