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KS2 Word of the Week- 11.5.20 (Rhine)

Week 4 of our Vocabulary Mission!

Congratulations to last week's Rhine class winning sentence written by Freya! Look out for your prize in the post :)

I hope you enjoyed last week's word of the week video and have been trying your hardest to use last week's word in lots of different ways to impress those around you with your growing vocabulary. 

We have loved reading your sentences; it really has made me smile this week as there have been even more sentences than last week! We hope to see even more of you getting involved this week. 

This week is an audio clip for you to listen to (at the bottom of this blog). This audio clip works best on a laptop or desktop computer. If you have difficulties opening on an iPad, please try a laptop or desktop if possible. Try opening in a new browser if you are having difficulties.  Once you have taken part in the clip, see your challenges below. 

Here are the resources you will need to see whilst listening to the audio:


Challenge 1: We challenge you to comment in the comments section below with your very best sentence that uses our word of the week. Each week we shall select the best KS2 sentence as our weekly winner.


Challenge 2: This week, you may like you to continue building your own ‘Word Collectors Booklet’. The first page of your booklet is available to download below if you need it. You should complete one side of the page and then next week you can complete the other half of the page with the next word. The idea is that over the weeks you will collect lots of words on your collector pages, which can be put together in a ‘Word Collector Booklet’!

Now challenge yourself and your grown-ups to use this week's word correctly throughout the week!

Happy word learning!

Mrs Anderson 

  • Alexander 4 years ago
    Sorry, i would have done a sentence but it won't work on my mum's or dad's computer so i'll try make a sentence from what my mum has told me surreptitiously means. As George stepped away from his brothers' dead carcasses he heard another abhorrent cry from deeper down in the cave and a slinky, black shadow surreptitiously creeping along the walls. Suddenly, he felt a knife pierce his throat, then he took his last glance at the world and collapsed...
  • Mrs Winterburn 4 years ago
    What great problem solving Alexander. And ... two word of the weeks in one. Great job Rhine Class, keep your sentences coming.
  • Niah 4 years ago
    I surreptitiously sneaked up the corridor towards my sister’s bedroom, hoping to scare the life out of her, and drew in a breath when all of a sudden deluge of screams came from outside stopping me in my tracks. I contemplated whether to run out or make my sister jump like she had been stung by a wasp!
  • Flora 4 years ago
    I surreptitiously crept into the kitchen and secretly took as many mints, delicious doughnuts and my favourite Moams as I could possibly carry from the sweetie cupboard without Mummy, Daddy and Crispin noticing!
  • Mrs Matthews 4 years ago
    She gave a surreptitious glance - but at what?
  • Maxwell 3 years ago
    As the assassin surreptitiously bounded from building to building, searching for his unexpecting target, he contemplated on which weapon he should use for the kill, his bow: to strike from a distance, concealing his whereabouts, or his knife: for a more personal experience. As he landed on a crudely made outbuilding, in mid thought, he heard the familiar metallic swoosh of a knife being drawn in anger, he realised it was too late to defend himself, then the world went black....
  • Jamie k 3 years ago
    The spy made a surreptitious recording with a concealed hand held machine. He then jumped out of a window in an attempt to escape. After that he contemplated why he jumped, as the water was freezing cold. He then covertly made his way back to HQ.
  • Maxwell 3 years ago
    As the hunter fixed the prized deer in his gaze, surreptitiously he loosened his grip on the drawn bow string from his concealed position, without a sound, a single arrow was unleashed from his steel grip, striking the buck in the heart, putting it out of its misery within seconds.
  • Hamish 3 years ago
    The solider contemplated about surreptitiously sneaking away from the frontline to visit his injured brother from another battalion, however a sudden deluge of rain stoped him in his tracks.
  • Freya 3 years ago
    As I contemplated whether there was going to be a deluge of brilliant sentences this week, I noticed an old lady surreptitiously picking up a small child from the back yard, I saw her husband draw the string of a child sized sack and he cackled menacingly.....
  • Rowan 3 years ago
    My sentence is: As the thief climbed the drainpipe of Her Majesty’s palace, he noticed a vent, so he crawled through. When he emerged his curiosity got the better of him; he started to search the room for valuables, unfortunately, he didn’t hear the echoing footsteps hurrying towards him...
  • Rowan 3 years ago
    Sorry! My sentence is this: As the thief surreptitiously climbed the drainpipe of Her Majesty's palace, he noticed a vent, so he crawled through. when he emerged his curiosity got the better of him; he started to search the room for valuables, unfortunately, he didn't hear the echoing footsteps hurrying towards him....
  • Niah 3 years ago
    In the labyrinth of eerie dark tunnels, a thin layer of dust shrouding everything in sight, she surreptitiously walked over the slippery damp floor upon hearing footsteps echoing in the inky black maze of dangerous forbidding paths. She was contemplating whether to run when she heard the tolling of the near by village bell indicating that all nocturnal animals were about to let loose, and that her imposter in the depths of the caves would be nothing but a pile of rotting flesh and fractured bones as dawn drew in.
  • Mrs Weston 3 years ago
    I love how some children in Rhine Class are surreptitiously including previous words of the week in their sentences. I just had to surreptitiously scroll back up the page to check I'd spelt surreptitiously correctly!
  • Mrs Anderson 3 years ago
    I completely agree with you Mrs Weston; it is fantastic to see how inventive Rhine class children have become with their word of the week sentences. I am glad this week has also been a surreptitious spelling lesson for you!
  • Mrs Anderson 3 years ago
    Rhine class, I think we may have whole stories soon instead of just sentences! Absolutely blown away- you're all brilliant writers!

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