Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Superheroes to the rescue

Before the Easter holidays, the children decided that they would like to start the term with a Superheroes topic.

We began by turning our outside area into a Superheroes Headquarters.

It needed a training area so the Superheroes stay fit and strong...





 a Superhero worthy vehicle

and the all important message centre, with secret areas for writing messages to the superheroes...



and a place to hide!  


Then it was time to become superheroes ourselves as we set out on a mission to rescue some lost animals in the woods.

We split up into two teams and began by sending out scouts to look for the animals and report back to the team.

After locating the lost animals we set about creating a map for the other team to use in their rescue.

Thankfully the rescue missions were successful! Great job Darling Class!

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