Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Dinosaur Digging!

This afternoon we had an email from a paleontologist who had heard a rumour that there may be dinosaur bones buried in the woods at Stanton St Quintin school. However, due to Covid restrictions, she asked Darling Class if they would carry out some excavation work on her behalf, and would you believe what the we unearthed.....

We carefully searched and dug the ground...

And look what we found....!

DINOSAUR BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We dusted them off very gently with paintbrushes so that we didn't damage them.

This is how many we found...

We decided that if we put the bones together we could see what dinosaur the bones belonged to...

We decided this one was a crocosaurus, that swam and had a clubbed tail like the ankylosaurus.

And this one was a tyrranosaurus.

We invited Rhine Class (socially distanced) to visit our Dinosaur Museum and as curators we told them about what we had found.

They were very impressed with our knowledge and were astounded at what we had found!

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