Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Little Red Riding Hood

For the past few weeks we have been working around the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood.

We started by orally learning the story, through the Talk for Writing approach, adding actions for connectives to support our story telling language....

 Once upon a time

 After that        Suddenly


We added our own actions for the main characters...

 Grandma         Wolf

 Little Red Riding Hood

Learning to tell the story was a lot of fun, and it helped us to create a story map...

Bursting with our own ideas we took to creating our own versions of Little Red Riding Hood. First we talked through our ideas, then we altered our story maps with our innovative ideas...

After rehearsing our own story orally, using our story maps, we had a go at writing our very own story ...

Finally, we received a letter from a family of wolves, who were very upset that they were always the bad guys in stories and asking for our help...

Together, we created a Little Red Riding Hood story that they would enjoy listening to, and it went something like this...

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mum asked her to take a basket of fruit to Grandma's house because she was poorly. As she was leaving her mum called out "Don't talk to strangers and stay on the path".

Little Red Riding Hood skipped along the path but became distracted by some beautiful yellow primroses underneath an old oak tree. Little Red Riding Hood wandered off the path to pick some. Just as she was bending down to pick the primroses, she heard a voice behind her "Where are you going to on this fine day?" Little Red Riding Hood replied "I'm taking this basket of fruit and flowers to my Grandma who is poorly" "Can I come with you?" asked the wolf "I am very friendly".

So, Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf set off down the path to Grandma's house. When they got to the house they knocked on the door and a voice called out "Come in my dear". Grandma was in the kitchen boiling the kettle and when she turned around she saw the wolf!

"This is my friend, wolf" said Little Red Riding Hood.

"Oh, wolf, what hairy arms you have" said Grandma. "All the better to be stroked with" replied the wolf.

"Oh, wolf, what sharp claws you have" "All the better to scratch your itches with".

"Oh wolf, what big paws you have", "All the better to give big hugs with" said the wolf smiling, and they all had a big hug.

Finally, they sat down together for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.

The End