Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

We Remember

This week we have learnt about, and celebrated, important people who help to keep our country safe and people from the past who influence events that we take part in today.

At the REME museum in Lyneham we learnt about soldiers who risked their lives for our country and lots of the children in Darling class were able to talk about the jobs people in their family do in the army now. We took on the backpacker museum scavenger hunt, obstacle course and had a great attempt at the STEM challenge to work together and create a moving vehicle that could transport a tank.






We also listened to stories about Guy Fawkes, why he tried to blow up the houses of parliament and why we celebrate bonfire night on November the 5th. As part of this we enjoyed creating talking about our own experiences of Bonfire Night and creating fireworks pictures on the ipads.



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