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Super Sport's Day!

All the children had a fantastic time at Sport's Day today!

We started the morning with team races in our classes.  The children were put into their house groups; Ash, Survivor and Birch.  Then they took part in races organised by Year 6.



We were all so impressed with how well arranged the equipment and games were; well done Year 6!  They explained to each group what they needed to do in order to succeed and coached them throughout the morning.


The games included hot potato, an obstacle race and penalty shoot out to name but a few.

After that, we all enjoyed some ice pops before heading in to school to make flags.

We had a super picnic lunch in our bubbles on the field, devouring delicious hot dogs and fruit.  Then the races began for the afternoon.

Some of the Year 6 parents were able to join us for their children's final Sport's Day. 

The children stayed in their class bubbles and had the chance to take part in the 100m dash...





sack race...







egg and spoon race...






skipping race and long distance race. 







Then, the Year 5 and 6's had their slow bike race, followed by Darling Class' balance bike races. 

After this it was time for the Year 6 special race, where they ran, jumped, balanced, crawled and s[plashed themselves with water in order to win!  We ended the day with the inaugural Staff egg and spoon race!






After all the fun, Mrs Dallyn and Mrs Winterburn were able to announce the winner house for the Dallyn Cup - Survivor!

It was a really superb day, with fine weather, great friends and lots of fun.  We are so sorry that not all the parents could come, but we hope you enjoy some of these pictures.

Thank you to Year 6 and Mr Carter for organising a super day!

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