Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

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Our Super Hero Puppets!

Before lock down #2, Amazon Class were making puppets of superhero women in history.  We have finally finished them!

The children have worked so hard on these puppets.  They began by researching their superheroes; Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale and Emily Davison.

Next, they designed their puppets and measured and marked the wood.  It was really important that they measured carefully, as they wanted the arms and legs to be the right length!




After this, they cut the wood they needed for the legs, body and head.  They used a tenon saw to cut the wood.  This was quite tricky, but everyone worked carefully to cut all of their wood.



After cutting the wood, the children needed to shape the head.  They used sand paper to smooth the edges.  The children then decorated their puppet's face and began to cut and sew the clothes.  Sadly, this is where we had to leave our project, as lock down loomed and brought our adventure to a pause.


This term, the children have completed their puppets.  They decided to glue the clothes to their puppets and then Mrs Todd used a hot glue gun to join the puppet pieces together.

I am sure that you will agree, the puppets look fantastic and the children are so proud of their hard work, as they should be!  Please see a few photos of the children and their puppets below.