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NSPCC Number Day!

Today we all joined in with a spectacular NSPCC Number Day!

We were so impressed with the creative array of numbers and mathematical concepts that arrived in school today!

We started the day with a number parade in our class, quickly followed by some number puzzles provided by Mike Askew from Oxford University.

We discovered that if you put any four numbers into the corners of a square and then subtract them from each other, eventually you will always reach zero!


Next, we made a map of our school and completed some maths challenges to find hidden keys in the different grid squares!  All three house teams were very close to winning, searching for the final hidden key pieces at the same time!  Birch team won, finding all the hidden parts to the key jigsaw in the nick of time!

After lunch, we journeyed to the woods and created some symmetrical natural art, using leaves, twigs, flowers and pine cones.  A beetle even helped one team by crawling into their art work!  The wild art that the children created was beautiful and it was so lovely to see everyone working as a team, supporting each other to complete their patterns.

Mrs Matthews will share some more photos from our NSPCC Number Day soon, so watch this space!

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