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KS2 Word of the Week Challenge (Amazon)

Continuing on our vocabulary mission to learn new and exciting words!

Prior to our school closure, we were in full swing of learning a new word every week across the school. We have been learning words such as; laborious, tempestuous, irresistible and sumptuous to name a few. Learning these words has been widening your vocabulary bank and providing you with new and exciting vocabulary to use in your speech and writing.

Even though school is currently closed, we think it is really important to continue to learn a new word every week. Mrs Anderson shall therefore be posting a video on the school website every week  with a new word and activities to learn and use your word of the week.

Once you have taken part in the video clip, see your challenges below!


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Challenge 1: We challenge you to comment in the comments section below with your very best sentence that uses our word of the week. Each week we shall select the best KS2 sentence as our weekly winner.

Challenge 2: You may wish to complete the Word of the Week Activity page attached below. Send a photo of completed activities to your class email address.

  • Lola Kirkpatrick 4 years ago
    I contemplated going to the park with my friends.
  • Elliot 4 years ago
    I contemplated buying some more Nintendo WII game
  • brooke 4 years ago
    1. Caiden was contemplating whether to sleep or not. 2.As my tummy began to rumble I contemplated what to have for lunch? 3. As I looked at my garden I contemplated what to grow? 4 Mum and I were contemplating where to go on holiday?
  • Scarlett 4 years ago
    The old builder contemplated how he was going to do the door for the house. As I was drinking hot chocolate, I contemplated how much sugar was in it.
  • Mrs Todd 4 years ago
    I contemplated eating the delicious bar of dark chocolate, but then I decided to devour the juicy black olives instead.
  • Eli Pitman 4 years ago
    My dad contemplated where we should go cycling.

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