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KS2 Word of the Week- 11.5.20 (Amazon)

Week 4 of our Vocabulary Mission!

Congratulations to last week's Amazon class winning sentence written by Anja! Look out for your prize in the post :)

I hope you enjoyed last week's word of the week video and have been trying your hardest to use last week's word in lots of different ways to impress those around you with your growing vocabulary. 

We have loved reading your sentences; it really has made me smile this week as there have been even more sentences than last week! We hope to see even more of you getting involved this week. 

This week is an audio clip for you to listen to (at the bottom of this blog). This audio clip works best on a laptop or desktop computer. If you have difficulties opening on an iPad, please try a laptop or desktop if possible. Try opening in a new browser if you are having difficulties.   Once you have taken part in the clip, see your challenges below. 

Here are the resources you will need to see whilst listening to the audio:



Challenge 1: We challenge you to comment in the comments section below with your very best sentence that uses our word of the week. Each week we shall select the best KS2 sentence as our weekly winner.


Challenge 2: This week, you may like you to continue building your own ‘Word Collectors Booklet’. The first page of your booklet is available to download below if you need it. You should complete one side of the page and then next week you can complete the other half of the page with the next word. The idea is that over the weeks you will collect lots of words on your collector pages, which can be put together in a ‘Word Collector Booklet’!

Now challenge yourself and your grown-ups to use this week's word correctly throughout the week!

Happy word learning!

Mrs Anderson 

  • Mrs Winterburn 4 years ago
    What fantastic uses of the word surreptitiously. It is tricky to spell let alone include it in a sentence. Great work Amazon Class.
  • scarlett 4 years ago
    As she stood silent in front of the window, contemplating whether she would surreptitiously pull her tooth out or let it stay and overwhelm her with instant agony. The hunter drew his gun surreptitiously, targeting the bold pheasant before it flopped to the ground and taking it home for his dinner. When the hunter pulled his prized pheasant out it was stiff with rigor mortis, a snigger fell on to the hunters ugly face creating an eco that travelled around his small cosy log cabin.
  • Mya 4 years ago
    The surreptitious cat contemplated either to go through the cat flap or the chimney. After the deluge of rain it made its choice and slowly went closer to the window until the owner of the house drew the curtains.
  • DAISY 4 years ago
    With a swift,surreptitious motion he straightened his necktie.
  • Archie 4 years ago
    Mowgli, my rather greedy pony, snuck surreptitiously over to the big black feed bin, in the hope that he would not be spotted so that he could gobble up the contents of the bin.
  • Elliot 4 years ago
    Surreptitiously Bob drew closer to the tempting biscuit cupboard and contemplated whether or not to let a deluge of delicious dark chocolate biscuit sail down his throat.
  • Mrs Anderson 3 years ago
    Oh wow Amazon class, these sentences are absolutely brilliant! Lots of previous words cleverly sneaking their way into your sentences. I am so impressed! Keep them coming.

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