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Discovering Together

If you went down to the woods today... would have found the whole school there!

Today all the classes had a super morning at the woods.  We started the day with a safety talk from Mrs Todd, then made our way to the woods for the first time this term!





The woods had changed a lot since we had last been, with new saplings and plants growing everywhere.  Nile learning area hadn't been used in three years, but we discovered that our old dens and even the old swing were still there, if a bit more weather beaten! 


The children in Rhine were excited to see if they still fit through the gap in the jumping tree - most of them actually did - and it was truly lovely to have everyone up at the woods again and see some of the older children enjoying the woods, investigating their old dens and revisiting their favourite past times.

Darling Class played in the Darling area and had a really lovely time with Miss Rimmer, Mrs Dallyn and Mrs Austin.  They too played games as well as using mirrors to walk on the leaves and bug hunting under logs.



After a fun half an hour, it was time for a tasty biscuit snack!  After our snacks, we played an old, favourite game, 1-2-3 where are you (hide and seek) and created seesaws and dens together.



Thank you very much Mr Rokovucago, Mrs Dallyn and Mrs Cole for coming as volunteers.   

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