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Hello from Sweden and hello from all of us!

Welcome back Amazon Class to our our term 5 home learning!

We have already had some lovely photos, including a picture of Scarlett and her collage.  We are really looking forward to seeing more photos from you.

Some of you have been doing some lovely learning over the Easter break, including stream dipping and making Easter bonnets!




Elliot has been working hard with his writing this ​​​​​​​week as well as planting cucumelons in the garden!

Thank you for sharing your learning, we can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!



As the title of this blog suggests, we have had a response to the letters we sent to our penpals in Sweden!  You can find it attached below.  They have also written some questions for you to answer in their letter.  Maybe, Amazon Class, you could do this in our comments section below?  I know the children at Mehede skola would love to hear from you!

Keep safe, Amazon Class, and don't forget to have a go at the reading challenge!

Mrs Todd, Mrs South and Mrs Austin



  • Elliot 4 years ago
    Hello class 2-3.It is a little weird being at home to go to school.In our school we have 3 classes the smallest one is called Darling, one called Amazon and one called Rhine. They are all named after rivers! For maths we do maths no problem workbook and textbook At break time we play football, netball and king of the ropes. We have a trim tram trail, a playground and a pitch. We have these subjects: Maths, English, Art, D&T, PSHE, French, Outdoor Learning and Music. We have 18 pupils in our class because one left. We have dessert if we want.

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