Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Great Fire of London Artwork

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we have been exploring the concept of colour mixing to create different shades and tints. 

We started by mixing primary colours to make secondary colours, moving on to creating a 'cold' picture by using white and black to create and blend different shades of blue. The children were amazed by how many different shades of blue they were able to make, giving the shades different names.

"This one is like a sea blue!"

"It's dark cave blue."

"I'm going to call this colour ocean blue."

"That's made a turquoise colour!"

We then applied this newly learnt skill to create a backdrop for our Great Fire of London artwork, using black and white to create different shades of red. 

Once our backdrop was complete, we used a layering technique to create the rows of houses on Pudding Lane. We remembered to place our houses close together as this is one reason for why the fire spread so quickly.

We are very proud of our artwork. Here is a sample gallery below: