Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Can you guess the title of our new book?

This week we have been exploring a new book in Amazon class and we think it is fair to say, the children are thoroughly enjoying this story!

However, we didn't reveal our new book straight away. The book was wrapped and looked like a little mouse had been nibbling away at the paper, desperate to see the story!

The children looked carefully through the little holes to try to find clues and make predictions about what the title might be. It was so interesting to hear the children's ideas and the links they made to other books.

As we tore more of the wrapping away, the picture of an egg sitting on the wall gave the children an even bigger clue and they were delighted to see that the story was all about Humpty Dumpty and what happened after the fall.

After the Fall by Dan Santat is the exciting story of Humpty's life after his grand and very well known fall from the wall. 

This week the children have been practising reading parts of the story with expression and have demonstrated wonderful storytelling skills. 

We have also been detectives who infer meaning from pictures, making predictions and sequencing the story.

We can't wait to continue with our book next week.