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  • Home Learning Week 1 -Well done Rhine Class!

    Published 27/03/20

    Well done to everyone for positively embracing your home learning.  We are so proud of the mature attitude you have shown.

    It has been lovely to hear from you.  Please do keep sharing your work and photos and each week we will share them on the Class Blog.

    Take care of yourself and your families 

    Mrs M & Mrs W :) 

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  • To the children of Rhine Class...

    Published 22/03/20

    On the eve of your home learning adventure we wanted to wish you lots of luck and to let you know that we are thinking of each and everyone of you.

    Learning at home is going to be a little bit different to being at school but it is still so important to keep up your wonderful efforts of being such super learners. 

    You should have lots of learning to keep you going but remember to take breaks and time to learn through exploring too. 

    Keep an eye on our blog where we shall be doing our best to keep you motivated and sharing any new ideas for home learning. Please email any photos of you enjoying your home learning that we can share on our class blog too. 

    Remember, your grown ups might be new to this, so be kind to them and listen to them just as well as you do at school. Show them what super learners you can be!

    Lots of best wishes and teacher smiles,

    Mrs Matthews, Mrs Weston & Mrs Mackenzie


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  • Rhine Class Residential Assembly

    Published 23/09/19

    We look forward to sharing our week with you on Thursday at 9:30

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  • Rhine Residential

    Published 17/09/19


    Rhine Class arrived safely and we are all very excited to have already begun warrior training in Middle Earth.

    Axe throwing and archery before lunch helped us work up an appetite. Then we are off to the woods to fight the dragon and rescue the treasure. Luckily Gandalf the wizard has arrived to lend a hand against the goblins.
    We will definitely sleep well tonight!

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  • Rhine Mayan Morning

    Published 27/03/19

    Today archaeologist, Afrikana Smith came to talk to Rhine about his work in the hot, dense jungles of the Central America.  

    He was able to bring along some of the artefacts (usually located in museums) which included an array of weapons from knives to axes!  

    We took part in a dramatisation of the Old World (Europe) and New World (Americas etc) clash, resulting in the take over by the Spanish.

    We trained to be Maya warriors and hunters as well as playing a game of Ulama where in Mayan times the winning or losing team would be given to the Underworld!

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  • Rhine The Curious!

    Published 02/03/19

    How do rockets make it all the way into space?

    As part of our trip to We the Curious Rhine Class took part in the 'Launch It Show' to support their curiosity and learning in Science and the World around them. 

    They investigated how propulsive forces and explosions were used to launch Yuri Gagarin, the first person to travel into space.  Click to see how a hydrogen balloon reacted with oxygen and release lots of energy.





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