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KS1 Word of the Week Challenge (Darling)

Continuing on our vocabulary mission to learn new and exciting words!

Prior to our school closure, we were in full swing of learning a new word every week across the school. We have been learning words such as; laborious, tempestuous, irresistible and sumptuous to name a few. Learning these words has been widening your vocabulary bank and providing you with new and exciting vocabulary to use in your speech and writing.

Even though school is currently closed, we think it is really important to continue to learn a new word every week. Mrs Anderson shall therefore be posting a video on the school website every week  with a new word and activities to learn and use your word of the week.

Once you have taken part in the video clip, see your challenges below!    If viewing this on the app, please go to this blog post on the website to see the video.


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Challenge 1: We challenge you to comment on the blog post below with your very best sentence that uses our word of the week. Each week we shall select the best sentence as our weekly winner.

Challenge 2: Complete the Word of the Week Activity page below. Send a photo of completed activities to our Darling class email address. For Y1 and Y2, this is Monday's English lesson.

Happy Word Learning!

  • Krista Reddell 2 months ago
    Elodie - I was gazing at a Peacocks lush feathers. Henry - I was gazing at a beautiful Woodpeckers feather.
  • Angus McArthur 2 months ago
    The boy gazed at the sparkly, bright, shining moon. As he was gazing, he saw some floating astronauts on the moon.
  • Ethan Woods 2 months ago
    I gazed at the rainbow trout and I noticed how shiny its scales were.
  • Mrs Anderson 2 months ago
    These are absolutely fantastic sentences so far Darling class- well done! I love the way you have used the word 'gaze' in your sentences. If you haven't yet posted your sentence, please do so this week. Thank you!
  • Bonnie robinson 2 months ago
    When my mam & Dad tucked me into bed I carefully gazed at my glow in the dark planets on my ceiling . 🤩
  • Mrs Winterburn 2 months ago
    I am gazing at these amazing sentences, feeling really proud of our children in Darling Class.
  • Tyler Kirkpatrick 2 months ago
    I was gazing out in a forest looking at the animals, the deer and fox.
  • Patrick 2 months ago
    I gazed happily at the purple transformer that I chose in the toy shop.
  • Willoughby 2 months ago
    I gazed at the sun to see what was making it all shiny.
  • Willoughby 2 months ago
    I gazed at the sun to see what was making it shiny.
  • Grace Vannerley 2 months ago
    The shining sun gazed as the flowers opened up there beautiful pink petals.
  • Mrs Anderson 2 months ago
    Wow Darling Class! These sentences are absolutely wonderful! I am so proud that so many of you have taken part- well done :)

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