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Word of the Week- 1.6.20 (Darling)

A new word learning format for Term 6.

Well done to Elodie and Henry for their winning sentences before half term. Look out for your prizes in the post :)

Last term, I thoroughly enjoyed setting word of the week challenges for KS1 and KS2 and reading all your wonderful sentences- a real highlight of the week. I hope that you too enjoyed watching the videos, listening to the audios and taking part in our Stanton vocabulary mission.

This term, we would like to help you carry on using new vocabulary at home, as we feel it is such an important part of your learning. Having lots of words in your word banks will not only help you when you are younger but when you are older too. Words do not simply fall from the sky and into our brains (wouldn’t that be brilliant though!), we have to learn new words and use them whenever we can.

This certainly doesn’t have to be a chore, because aren’t words absolutely wonderful? There are so many different words that we still haven’t learnt. Long words, short words, words that are tricky to say, words that can be used in lots of different ways. It is no secret that I love words and am learning new words every day, even as an adult.

This term, instead of recording an audio, I shall be setting a word of the week together with a list of activities for you to learn this new word. Maybe an adult could do the activities with you, or why don’t you become the teacher and use the activities to teach everyone else in your household?


DEFINITION: extremely large or great

MY SENTENCES: The colossal waves crashed against the jagged rocks.      The scorching rays of the colossal sun beat down on the sand.


  1. Break the word into its syllables.
  2. Do you know what this word means?
  3. Read the definition above.
  4. Can you think of synonyms for this word (words with a similar meaning)?
  5. Can you think of antonyms for this word (words with the opposite meaning)?
  6. Can you think of any words that rhyme with this word?
  7. Use this word in a sentence. Who had the best sentence in your family?
  8. Draw a picture of this word.
  9. Say this word in different voices- queen’s voice, whisper, shout, sing, low, high, robot, Scooby-Doo, Donald Duck, teacher voice or make up your own!
  10. Use this word correctly as many times as you can this week- how about competing with your family and keeping a tally?

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