Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

The Magic Paintbrush

A special delivery for Darling class...

On Tuesday, we received a parcel addressed to 'The Children of Darling Class'. We talked about what might be inside and then apprehensively opened our package. Inside we were confused to find 5 golden paintbrushes wrapped in red tissue and a note which said, 'Beware of the Magic'. We shared lots of ideas about what this might mean and talked about what we should do next. 

The children decided that they would like to try and paint with these brushes so we 'overhauled our English lesson' and made our way to the hall to start painting. We painted a yellow racing car, a soft teddy, a pair of red shorts, a banana and a blue aeroplane. The children then suggested shaking thier pictures and saying 'abracadabra!' in order to try and make the magic happen. But nothing did. 

We returned to the classroom feeling a little heavy-hearted and left our paintings to dry. We decided to read a good book to make ourselves feel better and Mrs Anderson chose 'The Magic Paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson.

As the story was performed, the children began to make the connection between our experience and the story of Shen, the girl who uses her magic paintbrush to paint for the poor. Her paintings became real once they were dry so everyone can enjoy bowls of golden rice and shrimps. The children discussed this story being set in China and were desperate to return to the hall to see if the magic had worked on their own paintings.

The squeels of delight were truly magical when the children returned to the hall to find a toy yellow car, a teddy standing tall, some stylish red shorts, a squishy banana and a soaring toy aeroplane. 

We can't wait to see the children's writing after being engaged in a wonderful real life experience.