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E Safety

At Stanton, we know the Internet is as a tool for learning and also collaborating online.  However, we also know that it is absolutely vital that we educate our children in both how to deal with any potential threats they face when working online but also to act safely and responsibly when collaborating online.

At school, through our comprehensive E-Safety curriculum, we aim to give children the skills they need for later life.  There are three key rules,that if children stick to, will allow them to use the Internet in a safe and responsible way:

 ZIP IT-Don’t give any personal information out when using the Internet but also don’t say anything unkind.  To help you do this, many websites have security/privacy settings that allow you to only communicate with people you know!

BLOCK IT-if you do see anything you don’t like on the Internet, encounter anything inappropriate of illegal or are the victim of cyber bullying, remember that you can BLOCK these people/sites.

FLAG IT-if you do come across anything that makes you got ‘UH OH’ remember to let somebody know straight away.  At school this might be your teacher. If you are home remember that you should always let an adult know!